Should I Opt For Arbitration?

One year ago, we published a piece about what makes a car a lemon. After people learn more about what constitutes a lemon, they have questions about whether they will have to go to trial. Many people have never had to go to court, and the idea of doing so is so daunting that they don’t contact a lemon law attorney to resolve their issues. This would be a significant mistake! Attorney Doug Sohn filmed a video Read More

Recalls Without Solutions

Anyone who has owned a car is likely familiar with recalls. Suppose a vehicle’s manufacturer confirms a safety defect with a car being sold to consumers. In that case, they are obligated, by law, to send out recall notices even if they don’t know how to resolve the problem. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) oversees this process, and manufacturers must comply. There have been instances when Read More

Document Your Way To Resolution

There are a significant number of people who are unfamiliar with lemon laws until they realize they have one. To reiterate, a lemon is a car still under warranty and continually malfunctions, impacting your safety, the value of the vehicle, or your ability to use it. Discovering that there are lemon laws to protect consumers like you may feel like a godsend. Additionally, they will learn that having an attorney won’t Read More

What Resolution Looks Like

Consumers who spend tens of thousands of dollars (or potentially hundreds of thousands) deserve to get what they pay for. Imagine a single parent who trades in their only car for a new one only to discover that it continually malfunctions. The issue persists despite several trips to the dealership to repair the problem(s). Justifiably, these people demand resolution. Take comfort in knowing that lemon law attorneys Read More

Common Issues That Won’t Make A Car A Lemon

California’s lemon laws give consumers the ability to take legal action after they have purchased a car that is continuously defective or needs repairs. Although we have gone over what constitutes a lemon and how your car can be categorized as one, it is important to know which defects are covered under the Song-Beverly Act (i.e., lemon law). A defect affects your ability to use the car, prevents you from operating Read More

RVs & Inadequate Consumer Protection

Lemon laws protect consumers by enabling them to pursue compensation after buying a defective vehicle or one that is below industry standards. Recreational vehicles are unique and come with a series of potential complications that put a consumer in a precarious situation. Unlike cars, RVs are both vehicles and liveable spaces. Although both the motor vehicle and the coach are considered consumer goods, the motor Read More

When Bad Cars Happen to Good People

Our tagline is “When Bad Cars Happen to Good People” and we say, “You’re a good person.  You bought a bad car.  We can fix that.”  Here are some of the good people with bad cars that we’ve gotten great results for lately: The bad car:  2018 Land Rover Range Rover.   The good person:  Van is a hard-working married business owner with two small children.  She wanted a safe, dependable car for her family.  She had been Read More

What To Do If You Have Leased A Lemon

Though the statistics fluctuate, almost a third of all cars are leased. There are several reasons why many people choose to lease rather than own them. For example, cars depreciate quickly, and people who lease know that someone will take the car off their hands when the lease expires. At San Diego Lemon Law, we help clients navigate their most complex issues after purchasing a lemon. Let’s look at why someone may Read More


Help us reform the industry! Do you own an RV? If you’ve ever had to take it back for repairs, you realize that you, as an RV owner, are facing a big challenge. Purchasers of RVs are only given a one-year warranty, which is a very narrow window for the many defects that commonly appear in these vehicles. In addition, the repair facilities at dealers are typically entirely inadequate in terms of properly trained Read More

Lemons & Class Action Lawsuits

Is there anything wrong with joining a class-action lawsuit? Absolutely not. They are an option available to you—and they are worth considering. We are discussing them because we want you to know the different ways you can seek out a resolution. For instance, people who have purchased a Ford F-150 for model years 2017-2020 discovered that these trucks had common transmission defects. They were built with the 10R80, Read More