The Road To Resolution May Not Be Through A Court

You bought a lemon. The road ahead may not be as complicated as you think. Finding a lawyer, paying the lawyer’s fees, and enduring a lengthy trial adds enormous stress to an already complex situation. People tend to imagine worst-case scenarios in the absence of fact. The reality of your case may be significantly more manageable than you think. The Reality Let’s make one thing easier quickly: your lemon law attorney Read More

The Length & Outcomes Of A Lemon Law Case

If you have bought a lemon, we know you have questions. One of the most common ones is how soon can I expect a resolution? Like most people, you rely on your car to get to work, shuttle the children to and from school/activities, and live your life. Regardless of the amount you spent, you upheld your end. The manufacturer didn’t.  Demanding to know how the issue will be resolved (and what that resolution will look Read More

Can Hiring A Lemon Lawyer Cost Me Nothing?

A defective vehicle may turn your life upside down, especially if it is your only means of transportation. Even if it isn’t, you spent money on a car that is continuously breaking down, or worse, the defects are putting you and your family at risk.  When someone informs you that attorneys represent clients who have bought lemons, you may dismiss it. Why? Because it’s an added expense on top of a building pile Read More

When Does A Car Become A Lemon?

People who live in California rely on their cars, and the level of dependence they have on them may not be fully realized until you don’t have one. They are fundamental for getting to work, dropping our children off at school, and supporting a significant number of household activities (e.g., grocery shopping, extracurricular activities, etc.). Anyone who has spent money on a car that continuously needs repairs Read More