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At San Diego Lemon Law, we focus on one area of the law. With over four decades of legal experience, we are in an ideal position to resolve the issues you have with your defective car. During that time, we have worked for some fantastic people—some of them were kind enough to share their experiences.

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Mr. Sohn helped me recently with my lemon law case. Both Doug and Cheri were always available for my questions and provided exceptional service. I would highly recommend Sohn and associates to anyone who needs legal assistance with a lemon Law case.

Daniel J.

Doug helped me with my lemon law case seamlessly. He was always available for my questions and provided exceptional service to a stressful situation. His office manager is so friendly and helpful too. I would not hesitate recommending him to anyone who needs help dealing with the auto industry and the returning of your lemon.

Stephanie M.

What a wonderful experience !!! Doug and his team got me great results in a short amount of time. He is a true professional.

Chris F.

Doug and his wife were so helpful and made the process of returning my vehicle so easy. They kept me informed every step of the way.


Professional, honest and reliable!

Afshin M.

I am a very happy client with Douglas Sohn and his crew, they went over what I expected, much appreciate it and highly recommend working with him.

Moe M.

My experience working with Douglas Sohn was excellent. Douglas followed thru with everything he said he would do. He handled my case in a professional matter. I would recommend Douglas Sohn to anyone who needs legal advice with the Lemon Law.


Doug was referred to us from a friend who is the office manager at another law firm which had no attorney’s specializing in our need, California Vehicle Lemon Law. The buyback of our car by the factory went so smoothly we hardly knew it was a legal issue. Kudos to Doug for his professionalism and his always courteous staff. We highly recommend Doug Sohn in this area of expertise.


I contacted Doug Sohn regarding the persistent problems I was having with my 2013 Ford Fiesta. I had purchased the vehicle new from a local dealership, and after about 2 months (or less) of owning the car, I began experiencing problems; lurching, grinding, and stalling to name a few. After multiple trips to the dealership and an extensive search on the internet, I realized many of these vehicles tend to have problems. It was about a year of constantly taking the car to the dealership for multiple repairs, as well as problems they were unable to fix. I then contacted corporate. They assured me they would help me, but unfortunately, they did not follow through, I was told my car was operating within “normal performance.” I requested they buy back my car, which they refused. My last resort was to seek litigation, or lose about $6,000 of depreciation on my vehicle by trading it in, not to mention the time and stress involved in this experience. I have a friend who is a lawyer, and they encouraged me to pursue lemon law. I explained that I was concerned about the cost of hiring a lawyer, but lemon law works to protect the consumer and I did not have to pay anything for my case. Now that you know the backstory, on to Doug. Doug has very positive reviews on multiple sites such as Yelp and Avvo, and after meeting with him, I felt certain that I was making the right decision. He is kind, professional, and everything he told me about my case proved to be accurate. Within 6 months I won my lawsuit and was able to receive a full refund for my vehicle, with interest payments also reimbursed. He is a highly competent and experienced lemon lawyer, with 30 + years of working exclusively in lemon law. I am beyond pleased that I chose to pursue lemon law and chose him as the lawyer to represent my case. I highly recommend him. Even if you are not sure if your vehicle qualifies for lemon law, call him for consultation. He will be honest with you, and if you have a case, he will be sure to help you win!


I spent the time interviewing three different attorneys. When I found Doug I knew I had the right attorney. Who is honest and straightforward I knew exactly what I was going through. He explained to me how this may go and he was 100% correct all the way through the process. I felt with two other attorneys they’re all looking for the short quick fix on there and not on mine. I felt Doug handle it like it was a personal case to him. He took the time to review my case and make sure I would be protected all the way through the end. Like I said in the title don’t waste your time dealing with another attorney Doug is the only one.