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    Many consumers are unaware of their rights and legal options regarding faulty vehicles. There is no reason anyone should have to waste their hard-earned money on a car that doesn't meet quality standards and cannot be fixed. At San Diego Lemon Law, we take the time to answer all our lemon law clients' questions, provide education on the remedies available to them, and dispel any misconceptions they may have. Our firm is focused exclusively on lemon law claims and we have over 40 years of legal experience that we can leverage on your behalf.

    You can expect a committed, compassionate, and highly communicative service experience when working with us. Additionally, you never have to worry about lemon law attorneys fees because California state law requires the car manufacturer to pay for legal expenses. Call today to take advantage of a free case evaluation with an experienced lemon law attorney, San Diego, DA residents can come to for legal aid: 619-434-0819.

    What Are Our Practice Areas?

    San Diego Lemon Law serves clients in a wide range of situations, including:

    New Car Lemon Law: Buying a new car should bring excitement, not disappointment. We can help you seek a replacement or cash settlement if your new car is a lemon.

    Used Car Lemon Law: Some used cars are covered by California's lemon law. We can help you determine if you meet the criteria and file a lemon law claim on your behalf.

    Electric Car Lemon Law: California has more electric cars on the road than any other state. As new technology advances, serious issues can sometimes arise, leading to lemon law claims.

    RV Lemon Law: Some parts of an RV are eligible for lemon law cases. Our law firm can guide you through the often complex claims process.

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    What is Lemon Law?

    Purchasing a vehicle is a significant financial commitment, and no one deserves to be stuck with a car, truck or RV that malfunctions or has serious defects. These faulty vehicles are referred to as "lemons." Every state has a lemon law that safeguards buyers if their purchase does not meet the expected quality standards. Lemon law protection ensures that car manufacturers uphold their warranties and provide suitable remedies to the consumer.

    California itself has some of the strongest consumer protection laws in the country. Specifically, two acts address defective products:

    Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act: Provides a legal mechanism for all buyers of warrantied consumer goods purchased for non-commercial use to seek damages for faulty items.

    Tanner Consumer Protection Act: A provision within the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act that specifically addresses defective vehicles and sets out the guidelines for determining whether a vehicle is a lemon.

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    When is a Vehicle a Lemon According to California Lemon Law?

    Under California Lemon Law, a new or used vehicle is a lemon if it meets these requirements:

    • Was purchased in the state of California from a dealer.
    • Has a defect that affects the vehicle's use, safety, or value. That started under the original manufacturer's warranty.
    • The defect is a result of a nonconformity and was not caused by lack of maintenance, an accident caused by the owner, general wear and tear, or misuse.
    • The dealer has been given a reasonable opportunity to repair the defect.
    Meet Your Attorney
    Doug Sohn
    Doug Sohn

    As a native of San Diego, attorney Doug Sohn has been practicing law in California for more than four decades. For the past 20 years, he has focused solely on assisting clients in need of an experienced lemon law attorney.

    The goal of his work is simple: To make car companies give your money back. Because the client never has to pay his fees, he truly gets to focus on supporting, advising, and assisting them towards resolution.

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    What Documentation Should You Keep to Support Your Case?

    Thorough documentation is critical to the success of a lemon law claim. Your lemon lawyer must be able to prove that there is an unresolved defect in your vehicle that impacts its safety, usability, or value that the manufacturer has been unable to fix, despite being given multiple repair attempts. Your documents will also inform the amount and nature of your settlement with the dealer or manufacturer. For example, your lawyer can seek reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses relating to the defect if you can provide receipts.

    Keeping a running log of your vehicle's issues and repairs as soon as they happen can significantly simplify the claims process. Read your receipts and ensure the mechanic's descriptions of repairs match your own. Other documents that are important to save include:

    • Sales documents, including the purchase price and date
    • Registration
    • Manufacturer's warranty
    • Sales contract
    • Records of repairs
    • Bills for towing and other expenses
    • Documentation of any aftermarket parts added to the vehicle
    Why Choose Us
    • San Diego Lemon Law only handles lemon law cases Our practice is focused on giving our clients the top-quality legal services they deserve. Lemon law can be complicated, but we are up-to-date on all new legal developments that could impact your lemon law claim.
    • We have over 20 years of experience Attorney Doug Sohn has been practicing law in California for more than 40 years and has focused solely on lemon law for the last 20 years. Our extensive knowledge of the law and experience in negotiating settlements with large vehicle manufacturers can be invaluable to the success of your lemon law claim.
    • Our law firm provides free consultations Are you unsure whether you have a lemon law case? We can address all your questions. We take pride in helping customers get justice after purchasing a lemon vehicle. Contact our office to schedule your no-cost case evaluation today.
    • San Diego Lemon Law is a compassionate, family-run firm We aren't a big, faceless law firm churning out cases with cookie-cutter strategies. When you choose San Diego Lemon Law, you can expect to be treated with respect, care, and attention to detail. We understand how frustrating and disruptive it is for you and your family to have a vehicle that doesn't work right. Our goal is simple: make car companies refund you for your defective vehicle or give you a new one.
    • Our legal counsel comes at no cost to you No one wants to be stuck with unexpected legal expenses. One of the best parts about hiring a California lemon law lawyer is that you never have to worry about how much it will cost. The car manufacturer must pay all reasonable legal fees related to your case.
    • We provide high-quality legal services you can trust San Diego Lemon Law is committed to giving clients honest and straightforward legal support, advice, and assistance. Our lawyers handle each case as if it was their own because we know how important the outcome is to you.

    Schedule your free telephone consultation by calling 619-434-0819. Our law firm is located 8 minutes away from Rolling Hills Park, 6 minutes from Rancho Bernardo Dog Park, and approximately a 29-minute drive from San Diego International Airport (SAN). You don't have to travel to our office, we handle everything over the phone and with virtual meetings from the comfort of your home!

    Is It Expensive to Hire a Lemon Law Lawyer?

    Many clients have anxiety about seeking legal counsel for their lemon law case because they fear the cost. They feel pressured to go through the arbitration process provided by the auto manufacturer, or they attempt to fight the case on their own because they worry about the possible financial implications. The critical thing to remember is that California's lemon law specifies that the manufacturer must pay for all reasonable legal costs as part of a settlement. No risk or expense is involved in hiring a lemon law lawyer from San Diego Lemon Law to handle your case. You owe it to yourself to take advantage of this feature of the law and seek out knowledgeable legal guidance to make the claims process easier.

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    What Remedies Are Available if You've Purchased a Lemon?

    If you unknowingly purchased a defective automobile and it can't be fixed, there are a few ways the manufacturer can resolve the situation. Your lemon law lawyer can help you decide the best solution for your case from these two choices:

    • Vehicle buyback: In this scenario, the manufacturer refunds what you paid for the vehicle, including the down payment. For used vehicles or ones with a substantial amount of miles, the manufacturer may request a mileage offset or value reduction to account for the use you got from the car before the defect began causing issues.
    • Vehicle replacement: If you loved your vehicle aside from the defect, you could choose a new vehicle replacement. The replacement vehicle should be as identical as possible.

    As part of fair compensation, you may also receive reimbursement for other costs related to the lemon, including, but not limited to:

    • Attorney's fees
    • Sales tax
    • Finance charges and loan origination fees
    • Rental car expenses
    • Towing fees
    • Repair costs
    • Registration and license fees
    Frequently Asked Questions
    What is the statute of limitations on lemon law claims in California?

    California has strict time limits on filing California lemon law claims. If you miss the deadline, you will likely have no legal options for recovering damages. Luckily, the filing window is relatively long. You have four years from when you noticed or should have become aware of the defect to file a lawsuit. However, it is strongly recommended that you begin your case much sooner to give yourself the best possible chance at a good outcome for your claim.

    Are buyers of used or leased vehicles protected under the law?

    While some states exclude used or leased vehicles from their lemon laws, California does provide protection if the defective cars meet the eligibility criteria. Most importantly, the vehicle must be under an express written warranty from the manufacturer. Used cars purchased or leased from an authorized dealer generally come with a warranty and may be eligible for a buyback or replacement if you have serious car trouble.

    Can a recreational vehicle (RV) be a lemon?

    Yes, an RV can be considered a lemon, but these cases are often much more complex than a typical lemon law case for a car. It is challenging because only portions of an RV, including the chassis, drive train, and chassis cab, are classified as a motor vehicle. However, the living area of an RV is considered a consumer good and falls under slightly different laws. The upside is that all types of RVs, even fifth-wheel trailers that do not have a motor vehicle component, are protected under the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act. How the legal matter will proceed depends on the type of defect, but a knowledgeable lemon law lawyer can help you through the process.

    What vehicles aren't covered by the state's lemon laws?

    California's lemon laws apply to new, pre-owned, and leased vehicles with a written warranty purchased for personal, business, or family use. This includes cars, pick-up trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, and vans. As noted above, the mechanical parts of the motorhome are also covered. However, vehicles that cannot be registered under the California Vehicle Code, such as ATVs and off-road vehicles, are not eligible. Some business vehicles may also be exempt, particularly if the company has more than five vehicles in its fleet. Vehicles over 10,000 pounds are excluded as well.

    Does the lemon law apply if I purchase my vehicle from a private party?

    Unfortunately, a car must have a valid warranty in California for a consumer to be eligible for the protections provided by the lemon law. In nearly all cases where the sale does not involve a dealership, the lemon law will not apply. Contact our lemon law firm today if you have questions about whether your used vehicle is still under warranty.

    Should I go through the manufacturer's arbitration process before speaking to a lawyer?

    It is strongly recommended to contact a lawyer before agreeing to arbitration on your defective vehicle. You can potentially harm your claim if you do not proceed carefully. Arbitration often favors the manufacturer and making a successful lemon law claim can be incredibly challenging after a failed arbitration. Some individuals may be worried about facing a lengthy court case if they do not go through arbitration. The truth is that the vast majority of claims are settled quickly out of court, especially with the help of a skilled lemon law lawyer.

    What is the lemon law presumption?

    California's lemon law presumption determines when a vehicle has undergone a "reasonable number" of repair attempts and can be considered a lemon. You cannot seek a lemon law settlement on the first repair attempt. There is not a set number of attempts specified in the law, but an issue is generally considered unfixable if the manufacturer has unsuccessfully tried to correct it on four or more occasions. The number of required repair attempts usually drops to two if the defect involved could cause death or severe injury. The other way a car might be presumed to be a lemon is if it has spent 30 or more days in the shop since its purchase. These days do not have to be consecutive.

    How long will my claim take?

    Every case is unique, so it is difficult to estimate without knowing your situation's details. However, in our experience, many of our lemon law cases are completed within three months. Others may take up to a year to resolve. Certain cases may take longer than others, but the outcome is generally worth the wait. For a more accurate timeline estimate for your particular case, reach out for a free consultation.