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Lemons & Class Action Lawsuits

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Is there anything wrong with joining a class-action lawsuit? Absolutely not. They are an option available to you—and they are worth considering. We are discussing them because we want you to know the different ways you can seek out a resolution. For instance, people who have purchased a Ford F-150 for model years 2017-2020 discovered that these trucks had common transmission defects.

They were built with the 10R80, which is a 10-speed automatic transmission. One of the biggest concerns wasn’t even that the transmission wasn’t reliable. When driving, the passengers inside the truck got whiplash from how quickly and aggressively the transmission shifted gears. Because of this, the owners brought them back to the dealerships to have the situation rectified. The transmissions caused the trucks to decelerate rapidly and would eventually make uncommon and concerning noises.

But these owners were not given a solution. Dealerships explained that the transmission’s noises were common to all the trucks, and they had no answer for how the transmissions were operating. Hence, the birth of a class-action lawsuit.

What Next?

Anyone who has one of these trucks may wonder how they can find a resolution to these issues. Should I join the class-action lawsuit? Do I need an attorney? Do I just wait? These are all valid questions, and we will answer them. Whether you choose to be a part of the class-action lawsuit is up to you. Howeveryou should consult with a lemon law attorney beforehand. San Diego Lemon Law, for instance, offers free consultations—so you have everything to gain and nothing to lose by talking to one.

Another added benefit of meeting with an attorney is that you learn about the entirety of your options. If you learn about a class-action lawsuit that centers on a car you own, the only way to know whether being a part of the lawsuit is in your best interest is by knowing what you’re giving up by being a part of it. An attorney familiar with the case and your specific situation can advise you appropriately.

Opting In, Opting Out

Here’s something you may not know or have overlooked: You do not need to opt into a class-action lawsuit. For example, if you own a 2017-2020 Ford F-150, you may already be a part of the lawsuit we are referencing. Although you do not have to opt in, your attorney may advise you to opt out of it if it is in your best interest.

San Diego Lemon Law

Don’t hesitate to contact us after learning that you and your vehicle are a part of a class-action lawsuit. Your window of opportunity to opt-out of a class-action lawsuit varies by case, and you don’t want to miss it. Attorney Doug Sohn has been practicing law for more than four decades—and solely lemon law for the last twenty.

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