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The Road To Resolution May Not Be Through A Court

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You bought a lemon. The road ahead may not be as complicated as you think. Finding a lawyer, paying the lawyer’s fees, and enduring a lengthy trial adds enormous stress to an already complex situation. People tend to imagine worst-case scenarios in the absence of fact. The reality of your case may be significantly more manageable than you think.

The Reality

Let’s make one thing easier quickly: your lemon law attorney will not cost you anything. You paid for a car with the expectation that it would work, but the manufacturer didn’t hold up their end of the deal. And it will be them who pays your attorney’s fees. This isn’t the same as personal injury cases where the lawyer receives a percentage of your settlement.

Additionally, if you are reading this, you have found at least one option for representation. Despite having found a lawyer (a free one!), you still have to face the long, arduous process of a trial. Again, that may not be accurate.

The Legal Process

We have been practicing law for more than forty years, and our focus has solely been on lemon law for the last two decades. From our experience, less than 5% of lemon law cases go to trial.

After your attorney files a lawsuit, you may have to sit for a deposition. You will be sworn in, and the opposing counsel (who represents the car manufacturer) asks questions to gain additional information. Your attorney will prepare you, but here are some questions that you may be asked:

  • Details about your car
  • What is wrong with the car
  • What did you do when the car malfunctioned
  • What happened when you contacted the dealer
  • What continues to be wrong with it

Sitting for a deposition may sound stressful, but again, in our experience, only about half the people who file lawsuits have to be deposed. Even if you have to, these are done out of court. In some situations, these are done virtually—so you may not have to leave your home.

San Diego Lemon Law

Attorney Douglas Sohn has more than four decades’ experience. Though no one can predict the future, we look at your case and prepare you for the most likely outcome. We have seen it before and can help you overcome the obstacles that stand between you and resolution. Contact San Diego Lemon Law to schedule a free consultation.

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