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The RV Trap

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Do you own an RV? If you’ve ever had to take it back for repairs, you realize that you, as an RV owner, are facing a big challenge.

Purchasers of RVs are only given a one-year warranty, which is a very narrow window for the many defects that commonly appear in these vehicles.

In addition, the repair facilities at dealers are typically entirely inadequate in terms of properly trained technicians which leads to
(1) extremely long lead times for appointments,
(2) extremely long out-of-service times once repair opportunities begin, and
(3) inadequate/incorrect repairs that lead to return repair opportunities that expose buyers to a new cycle of the same inadequacies.

Owners of RVs regularly encounter delays as long as six months in even getting an appointment for repair and when they are finally able to bring the RV in, encounter delays of as long as 4-6 months while the RV sits unrepaired at the dealer. By the time they get their RV back, and find that the problems with it are still unrepaired, and can get another service appointment, their one-year warranty has often expired, leaving them with a defective RV and no remedy.

San Diego Lemon Law is researching a class action to help RV owners in this situation and to force the RV industry to make reforms.

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