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At San Diego Lemon Law, we focus on one area of the law. With over four decades of legal experience, we are in an ideal position to resolve the issues you have with your defective car. During that time, we have worked for some fantastic people—some of them were kind enough to share their experiences.

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My wife Betty and I bought a new 2015 Jeep Cherokee and right from the beginning we had trouble with the transmission. They had a recall as soon as we bought it to reprogram the tranny but it didn’t help. After many trips to the dealership for reprogramming, replacement of parts and even a new transmission, nothing worked properly.


We finally decided it never would so we contacted Doug to assess our chances for a buyout.


He collected all our documentation and decided that we had a case and (a long story short) we just got our check for the full amount we paid the dealership for our car.


He was very professional and thorough during the whole process explaining what would happen next.


We would recommend Doug Sohn for your Lemon Law attorney. Do not let Big Auto push you around.


this review won’t eventually be enough as far as words goes, I’ve said in most of my emails to him that I can’t thank him enough. I got lost reading the draft of the case because of how technical and precise it was, you can’t lose with Mr douglas, truly professional and indefatigable service, thank you for your superb service.


Doug and his team are professional, expedient, and friendly. But best of all, they deliver great results. I had been having serious problems with my car, and as a lawyer myself, I knew a little bit about lemon law, but only enough to get me in trouble. After speaking to Doug, he ran me through the process, asked me all the questions he needed, and I engaged him to represent me in my case. Doug is very easy to reach, and responsive (and patient) when it comes to inquiries. Also, he’s been doing this type of work for a while now, so he knows exactly what to do and how to navigate the process, tailored to the specific car companies. It was only a matter of about 3 months before I had a check in my hand from my car company. I’m extremely happy with the result, and couldn’t be happier with my experience overall. I hope that I won’t have to deal with a lemon again, but if I do, I will not hesitate. I will go straight to Doug Sohn.


It was great working with Doug Sohn. It was the first time I worked with a lawyer and it was a great experience. He is very detail-oriented, has great customer service and gets things done fast! I managed to get all my money back in a couple months. I highly recommend working with Doug Sohn if you have need help with the Lemon Law.


Doug represented us in a lemon law claim and got us exactly what is allowed per law. We are pleased with the outcome and it was a painless process once Doug got involved and took over discussions with the manufacturer. Would highly recommend Doug Sohn.


Doug was a pleasure to work with! He was very professional and clear about my situation with my vehicle. I had owned a 2009 BMW M3 and it was a nightmare from the date of purchase. Doug sat down with me, explained the process in its entirety and the timeline involved. After reviewing the facts Doug took the case, was able to get my money back and buy back my car! My wife and I have had way too many headaches regarding this vehicle and all along it was a Lemon. Doug saved our marriage lol jk but he did save us a lot of future headaches 🙂 Thanks again for everything Doug! For anybody reading this…this was the first time I’ve ever gone through this process and Doug made it smooth as possible. I will recommend Sohn & Associates to any of my friends or family should they ever encounter the horror of buying a lemon!


Doug is exceptional. He made me feel like a priority and had no hesitation in going the extra mile to make things as clear and as smooth as possible. He’s so friendly and easy to get a hold of too. I seriously felt like I was his only client! A++ customer service. He took care of the entire process for me from A to Z. He knows the industry inside and out and was quick and legally aggressive with the other side when he needed to be. It’s like having a family member on your side. Such an awesome experience – he turned my lemon to lemonade. 🙂 Just signed my refund check and off to get a new truck tomorrow (yes, different make). Fingers crossed it works out with this one, but if it doesn’t, I know EXACTLY who to call. 10/10!!!


Doug and the team helped me with a lemon law case I had recently with a car I was having repeat trouble with. Doug’s knowledge and expertise helped to remedy my issue and get my money back! I would highly recommend his firm for anything Lemon Law!


I have nothing but good things to say about my experience working with Doug and Cheri Sohn and have no doubt that Doug’s decades-long experience and tenacity were the only reasons my case settled with a positive outcome. I will be forever grateful to them for their work and know that anyone who chooses Doug to represent them will find him to be friendly, compassionate, hard-working, and effective!


My experience working with Douglas Sohn was excellent. Douglas followed thru with everything he said he would do. He handled my case in a professional matter. I would recommend Douglas Sohn to anyone who needs legal advice with the Lemon Law.