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Consumers who spend tens of thousands of dollars (or potentially hundreds of thousands) deserve to get what they pay for. Imagine a single parent who trades in their only car for a new one only to discover that it continually malfunctions. The issue persists despite several trips to the dealership to repair the problem(s). Justifiably, these people demand resolution. Take comfort in knowing that lemon law attorneys understand how to deliver that. They won’t cost you anything because the manufacturer pays their fees, and California’s laws offer you significant protection in these situations.

Although you can work with a lemon law attorney to resolve your issue, we would like to provide you with a basic overview of what that process could look like. Knowing what you can expect to gain from working with a lemon law attorney will give you some peace of mind.

Getting a Refund 

If your new car has issues, take it back to the dealership because it is still under warranty. The dealership has a “reasonable number of attempts” to fix whatever problems you are experiencing. Though that may sound vague, generally, it means at least two attempts or 30 more days in the repair shop (which do not have to be continuous). Before we explain how the manufacturer will refund you, note that your attorney will not get a percentage of it. In other areas of the law, attorneys will take cases on contingency. If you get a monetary settlement, the attorney receives a portion of it.

Unlike those situations, your lemon law attorney will not take any money you receive. If you get a refund, you can expect to get back your monthly and initial down payments, and the loan will be paid off.

Additionally, if you had the car towed or needed to obtain a rental car (which is highly probable), these will be included in your refund.

Receiving a Replacement Vehicle 

Another option is that the manufacturer will give you a new vehicle in exchange for your old one, although that is not as common as a refund or repurchase.  If that happens, you simply keep your current loan and keep making the same monthly payments.  You will be compensated for towing and rental expenses just like you would with a refund. The car or truck itself will be new and “substantially identical” to the car you originally paid for.

Get in Touch With a Lemon Law Attorney 

We understand how frustrating it is to buy a car that continues to malfunction. With over 40 years of experience, we will help you find the resolution you deserve. Contact San Diego Lemon Law today for a free consultation. Because the manufacturer pays our fees, we like to say that our advice and representation will not cost you anything.

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