You're a good person. You bought a bad car. We can fix that for you!

When Bad Cars Happen to Good People

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Our tagline is When Bad Cars Happen to Good People” and we say, “You’re a good person.  You bought a bad car.  We can fix that.”  Here are some of the good people with bad cars that we’ve gotten great results for lately:

The bad car:  2018 Land Rover Range Rover.

The good person:  Van is a hard-working married business owner with two small children.  She wanted a safe, dependable car for her family.  She had been driving a 2007 Honda, but with two children added to the family, a larger car was needed.  She had always loved the Range Rover and decided that this was the perfect time to purchase a new one.

However, this new car soon began to suffer numerous defects, the most serious of which was that the rear door locks will frequently not unlock, and she couldn’t get her children out of the car!  This was terrifying to her and was clearly a serious safety issue.  There were seven repair opportunities for the door lock issue alone.

A second, very serious, defect in this vehicle involved the information screens, which frequently went completely blank and inoperable.  These screens control major vehicle functions including the HVAC system.

How we fixed it: When writing a detailed demand letter didn’t convince them, we filed suit against Land Rover and were able to get Land Rover to buy back the vehicle without our client ever having to set foot in a courtroom.  And, because they initially turned us down and we had to file suit, we were able to get Van an additional amount of money, called “civil penalty” to compensate her for the delay.  And Land Rover paid all our attorney’s fees.

The bad car:  2021 Honda Pilot.

The good person: Chrysta is a hard-working HR director, a wife, and a mother of two who needed a safe, dependable economical car.  Her lease was ending on her Acura MDX and she decided to lease a larger vehicle for her family and to commute to and from work, which requires hands-free telephone use.  Honda’s advertising led her to believe the Pilot would fit her needs.

However, this new car soon began to suffer numerous defects, the most serious of which were the constant issues with the audio system.  There were constant crackling and popping noises when talking on the phone.  In addition, she had continual phone connection failures which would cut off her business calls.  In addition, the television, which she specifically got for her youngest child to watch while she was making business calls, did not work.

How we fixed it: Again, we were able to get Honda to buy back the vehicle and pay Chrysta additional money, “civil penalty”, because we had to file suit.  Again, Honda paid all our attorney’s fees.

The bad car (truck): 2021 Dodge Ram 1500.

The good person:  Mohamad is a hard-working married business owner with a young son.  He and his wife had been sharing a vehicle when Mrs. Kafarah decided that she needed her own car.  So Mohamad went shopping for a truck that would work well with his contractor work, and really liked the way the Rebel model looked and drove. The vehicle also needed to be a safe, dependable truck since he regularly drove with his toddler in the vehicle.  Chrysler’s advertising led him to believe the 1500 Ram would fit his needs.

However, this new truck soon began to suffer numerous defects, the most serious of which was the fact that the collision avoidance system continually slammed on the brakes or gave a warning when there were no obstructions.  The truck also slammed on the brakes when in reverse, and the transmission surged forward when he is slowing down in traffic.  In fact, Mohamad nearly rear-ended another vehicle on the freeway with his son in the truck, so he refused to drive with his child in the truck any longer.

How we fixed it:  By writing to Chrysler, laying out the complete repair history, and explaining why they were required to comply with the Lemon Law, we were able to get Chrysler to buy back this unsafe truck and pay the attorney’s fees.

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