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There are a significant number of people who are unfamiliar with lemon laws until they realize they have one. To reiterate, a lemon is a car still under warranty and continually malfunctions, impacting your safety, the value of the vehicle, or your ability to use it. Discovering that there are lemon laws to protect consumers like you may feel like a godsend. Additionally, they will learn that having an attorney won’t cost them anything because the vehicle’s manufacturer pays the costs associated with your legal representation.

That said, you still need to give your attorney the documentation (and proof) they need to fight for you and your case. We are providing you with the types of questions you should ask and how to record this information to resolve your issue promptly.

It Starts With the First Issue

After you purchase your car, start a logbook. Now you have a platform for recording all the relevant information associated with your vehicle. There are several things that you will receive that you need to add to your logbook:

  • Sales documents
  • Registration
  • The warranty
  • Sales contract
  • Date of purchase
  • The amount you paid for it
  • Any replacement parts that weren’t made by the manufacturer that you added to the car

Although we will explain how to document your issues in a moment, you must stay caught up. People may be on their second visit to the dealership before they realize they have a lemon. By having a logbook, you can record the following:

  • What the defect was
  • When it occurred
  • How many days was the car inoperable because of it
  • Who you spoke with at the dealership
  • The people who worked on your car when you brought it

You Are Not The Only Person Documenting

When you bring your car into the dealership for repairs, they will document it. Every repair should come with an invoice explaining the issue and what they did to resolve it. Compare everything you write with what they record. Does it match? If not, bring this to the dealership’s attention. Although they should be aware of lemon laws, thoroughly document what they do in response to your concern.

Talk To a Lemon Law Attorney For Free

Great people can fall victim to awful cars. For the last two decades, attorney Doug Sohn has solely focused on lemon laws. Although the manufacturer will pay the costs associated with your legal representation, he remains committed to making these car companies give you your money back. Contact San Diego Lemon Law to schedule a free consultation and learn more about how we can support you.

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