What We’d Like You to Know About Us

Doug Sohn

As a native of San Diego, attorney Doug Sohn has been practicing law in California for more than four decades. For the past 20 years, he has focused solely on assisting clients in need of an experienced lemon law attorney. 

The goal of his work is simple: To make car companies give your money back. Because the client never has to pay his fees, he truly gets to focus on supporting, advising, and assisting them towards resolution. Contact us today if you have any further questions about how attorney Doug Sohn and San Diego Lemon Law can help you. A defective car can significantly impact your life, and we are here to fix that for you.

Cheri Sohn

In addition to being Doug’s wife, Cheri is likely the first voice you will hear when you contact San Diego Lemon Law. She fulfills the role of both paralegal and office manager (depending on the time of the day when you speak with her!). 

Cheri enjoys talking with clients because it is the first step towards solving their problems. If you have purchased a lemon, give her a call, you can get started.